To truly have an impact in our lives and our work life we need to be finding ways to create and build community so that we may all be fulfilled and feel joy.

For 10 years I founded, built and grew a successful community based business – Go Green Baby. We believed in sharing our lives and experiences with others and learning from everyone in our community. We experienced joy, happiness, sadness, excitement and fear with our community. Together we shared a common vision for the future and for our families and that is what brought us together. That vision always included nature and our experiences with nature. Appreciating and sharing nature has always been part of our business and family.

Prior to founding Go Green Baby I received a degree in Child and Youth Studies and Education and was a teacher for several years. As an educator I know well about the importance of creating shared spaces where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. My history in education played a key role in helping me build my community with Go Green Baby and continues to play a role in the future of my family and our community.


A community of children, families and educators who appreciate and value the outdoors. Those who understand that learning takes place best when we are free to explore and learn in our own, unique ways.

We believe that learning occurs in many different ways and in a variety of settings. Particularly, learning occurs in it’s truest form in nature and outdoors. Children are free to explore, learn and grow without the constraints of standard classroom settings. Education doesn’t have to happen in one way and one place and can coexist with nature and the outdoors.