Boost It




This is for those who want BIGGER and better things!

You’ve got this and you’ve been doing just fine, but you need an extra push. You’re feeling a little under weather and your business is not quite where you thought it would be. You’re sort of wondering what the next level is and how to get there.

Your Boost It Package is going to take you to the next level. We are going to focus on really getting to the nitty gritty and investing time in truly finding your tribe. It’s going to get really personal with the Boost it Package. We are going to start telling stories and sharing with our community.

In your Boost It Package we will spend time working together to boosting your current foundation. Your Boost It Package will begin with our  complimentary Website and Social Media Analysis (if you have had already had the Website and Social Media Analysis from us and it has been more than a year then it’s time for a refresher!). At this point in time we may determine that one of our other packages (Build It or Bump It) may be more appropriate for your stage of business. While this may seem like a bummer at first, I promise you that if you follow our Small to Big community building program you will have better results for everyone – you, your community and your business.

After the analysis you will receive a report and together in our first one hour consultation we will come up with a plan to help move your business forward by discussing ways to personalize your business and truly engage with your community. This is where all the magic happens and where you will really start to see results.  Your Boost It Package will conclude with another TWO One hour consultations. During these consultations we will go over the finer details about how to build your community using networks and connections.

yOur BOOST It Package can include support in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Business Vision & Goal Setting (Why are you doing what you are doing?)
  • Market Research
  • Networking + Connections
  • Content Creation + Blogging
  • Social Media Content Generation
  • Story Telling
  • Community Building
  • Speaking & Engaging

*To be clear,  I am not going to create your content for you nor will I be writing posts for your social media account website. I am here to support you and guide you so that you can do this on your own – because you can! I promise. 

Don’t forget about our Personalize It package whereby you can receive weekly one hour consultations with me and our HOTLINE add on in which you can connect with me on the go via text or phone (see product listing for details).

**Payment options are available. Please email to discuss.