Build It




Just starting out? Full of ideas and not much action yet?

Your Build It Package is the ideal package for those who are still in the early stages of business development. The Built It Package will support individuals and groups who have a business idea and are floundering on delivery. Maybe you are just not sure what to do next or how to go about it.  You probably have your business name and your vision, you just need help moving forward with logistics of getting your business onto the market. Or perhaps you are not technically savvy and the idea of starting a website and social media accounts scares the crap out of you. Whatever your situation is if you are just starting out and are looking to find the best way to build your business and community, our Build It Package will be the better option.

In your Build It Package we will spend time working together to create a solid foundation for your business.  You will receive a one hour initial consultation whereby we will establish clear goals for working together.  From there, I will create a marketing plan for you to approve and once approved we will move forward and together we will help you move your business onto the market.  Your Build It Package will conclude with another TWO One hour consultations. During these consultations we will go over the finer details about where you are going next and how to do that.

YOur Build It Package can include support in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Business Vision & Goal Setting (Why are you doing what you are doing?)
  • Market Research
  • Business Plan Support
  • Branding Support (support in establishing a strong brand – name, logo, tag line, etc)
  • Basic Website Support (guidance in how to choose a website platform and how to set up your website on the chosen platform)
  • Starter Social Media Plan (guidance in setting up your social media platforms)

If you already have at least 2-3 of the above components, consider the Bump It Package whereby we can meet the needs of your already built or established business.

*To be clear,  I am not going to create your website for you nor will I be writing posts for your social media account website. I am here to support you and guide you so that you can do this on your own – because you can! I promise. 

Don’t forget about our Personalize It package whereby you can receive weekly one hour consultations with me and our HOTLINE add on in which you can connect with me on the go via text or phone (see product listing for details).

**Payment options are available. Please email to discuss.